Mary Ann Squitti circa 1997, with Caesar J. B. Squitti and the article, 'The LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths"

Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso Squitti, Arthur Natale Veltri Carollo Squitti and son Caesar.

Eleanora Squitti was a close confident of the Queen of Italy, her brother Baldassare, was a teacher of law in Naples, circa, 1885, and his brother Nicola, became the ambassador for Italy to the Vatican.


Arts Taxi Calender from around 1956.

Mary Ann & Arthur Squitti

Our founders reflected an interest in the simplicity of common sense, in humility and the need to serve others. read more

Mary Ann Bertucci Rosso Squitti at a trade show 1980.

Thinking in color !

"The LIGHT;  The Rainbow of Truths - The Jesus Christ Code"

The Research Book
The Key to the Gates of Eden ?

Discover how LIGHT, shows us the difference between politically correct truths, and THE WHOLE TRUTH, that God would know and share with us...!

The Differences

  • Truths
  • Parts-of-Truth
  • Colors of THE TRUTH


Discover the many new forms of half-truths, that can be a block to  the proper communication of ideas.

The Squitti Coat of Arms given to Tomasso Squitti of Maida, Calabria Italy.