Moral+feminists and Cult-feminists

Every thing has a potential positive or negative ?

A workshop was  held on Traditional Values in 1987, as part of Settimana Italiana.    

The workshop was held at Saint Anthony's Church on Banning Street, a Church to damaged and  leveled after a serious fire.

At the time, research observed how the Children's Aid Society has been politicized with a half-truth.  The  model for child abuse was 'men who abuse, women and children victims'.

While some would see this as being anti-male, the model polarizes the sexes, and makes victims of those within the family and those who have interests in the family.

It was in the during this time period,  1987-1993 that is was observed and discovered that the logic  concerning TRUTH was incomplete.  The definition of half-truth was incomplete and for the most part wrong.

The original discovery was made in the later part of the 20th century.

In 1997, the article "THE LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths" was written up and is shown in the picture to the right.

This discovery deals with paradigm paralysis, the inability to think outside the thinking boxes of the day.

This creates barriers to understanding THE TRUTH, which is replaced with a series of politically colored truths: the rainbow of truths that lie

A key problem in all this was the 'feminist movement' that seemed to have united all women under one particular focus.  

In the book, "The Jesus Christ Code' a full chapter, entitled "The Faces of Feminism:  The Cult that Deceived the World' details some of the flawed logic within cult-feminism, more commonly referred to as radical-feminism.

Perhaps the most important observation was the comments made by Judy Rebick.  Ms. Rebick was an American born SUPER CANADIAN FEMINIST WHO is quoted as saying, 'yeah....lesbians were at the heart of the feminist movement...eve though they did not pursue their interests'.     She may be correct to some degree, however her comments verify the anti-male perspective of radical-feminism, most importantly and evident in the way the differences between the salaries of men and women, makes absolutely no mention of shared incomes, as most men and women, marry the opposite sex.

The drive to make the sexes equal, makes no mention nor value to the differences between men and women, that makes them both equally important in conception and life.  The sexes, in relation to creation, are not equal, they are equally important.

Dedicated to the memory of my mother Maryann Bertucci Rosso who made this all possible.

Caesar J. B. Squitti  H.B. Comm, LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY

Teacher Maryann Bertucci Rosso Squitti together with  article, 'THE LIGHT; The Rainbow of TRUTHS"

Teacher Maryann Bertucci Rosso Squitti together with article, 'THE LIGHT; The Rainbow of TRUTHS"


The definition of half-truths was wrong.

Letters from Random House regarding the definition of 'half-truths'.

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